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Siddharth Raj




Things I can do:

Act, write, make you laugh, improvise (in the comedy sense, and in general, in life), edit videos, teach myself almost anything really well via Youtube tutorials, sound design, play soccer, babysit your child (I'm good with kids), give you blunt feedback, drop everything upon discovering a new hobby or passion (I'm told these last two are because I'm a Sagittarius), laugh way too loudly, cook, clean, always be on time, clap push-ups, and use excel (this one is a lie but the rest are accurate).

This was a more in depth account of everything I can do than my actual résumé, but if you'd like you can look at that for other*  information.

*(more boring)

headshot 1.png

me lookin cute as hell

headshot 2.jpg

me lookin cute as hell again

Some fun facts and anecdotes:

  • I tell people I could have played pro soccer if I hadn't torn my ACL. The real reason I didn't go pro is that I just suck.

  • I act really pretentious about achieving the right grind size, extraction time, and temperature to brew coffee, but I can't even really taste the difference or tell you why it matters.

  • At recess in the 4th grade, a kid once said to me, "You don't watch iCarly or Cory in the House? Your life is a waste." I think about that a lot.

  • I was 10 when I discovered the SNL Digital Short, Jizz in My Pants. I thought it was the peak of comedy even though I didn't understand what any of it meant. I was 10. What was I even laughing at!? 

  • There's a lot more where these came from but I don't want to take up space here so DM me to hear more interesting tidbits.

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