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I have nothing against superpowers, just stop forcing it down my throat.

In the golden age of cinema, films were full of normal people without superpowers. Now, with Hollywood becoming all "politically correct," we're seeing more and more movies about weirdos who fly and shrink and engage in all sorts of other strange activities. Of the ten highest grossing films of the 2010s, five are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a series running rampant with superheroes. Two of the remaining five are Frozen 2, a movie about a woman with ice powers, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a movie about spacemen with superhuman abilities who touch their glowing swords together. This is sickening.

Now, just to be clear, I have nothing against superheroes. In fact, I even have a friend who collects comic books. I don't agree with it as a lifestyle, but I do respect it. But only as long as they don't shove it down my throat in all the movies and TV. I'm afraid that my way of life will become affected. I don't want superpowers to rub off on me. Just the other night, I was browsing Netflix, and accidentally hovered over a program called Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Batman Be-Leaguered. Frankly, I was disgusted, and prayed to God that I wouldn't wake up the next morning with a six pack, incredible reflexes, or any additional abhorrent abnormalities.

Enough is enough. I know that these people exist, but do they really need this much representation? Going to the movies is supposed to be a family friendly activity. We shouldn't be exposing our children to heathens like Spider-Man and Elsa.

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