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Local Man Finally Understands Privilege, Decides to Use Platform for Good

Jerry Smith (39) of Valley Rapids, Colorado, initially scoffed at all of the “whiney babies” posting about the Black Lives Matter movement on Facebook, but eventually he came around.

“At first I thought they just wanted attention, but then I realized that they were actually getting that attention from people... I felt a sense of FOMO to an extent that I had never felt before,” scribbled Smith in his diary, seconds before sharing this post to his Facebook feed:

“I hope it’s not too late for me to acknowledge my privilege,” he continued. “So far, six of my friends have reacted, four have commented, but only one has shared this post. Imagine if everyone who saw this post, liked, or commented would just share it. My message could reach dozens. But, alas, some people are just too afraid to take strong stances on controversial issues.”

Well said, Jerry. The entire Valley Rapids community is proud of you.

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