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Tenacious D Fan Denounces Band

Until recently, Gunnar Corey (46), was a die-hard fan of comedy metal duo, Tenacious D. He was dismayed, however, to discover that the band's 2006 hit, "The Government Totally Sucks," is actually a song that promotes an anti-establishment message.

I interviewed Corey in his flex room in the one bedroom, half-bath Cleveland apartment that he shares with his three best friends from high school. It was here that he elucidated his frustrations with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the two full-time members of Tenacious D.

"I used to love that song, man," said Corey. "I discovered them from their movie, The Pick of Destiny, and I could immediately tell that these guys could rock. So when my buddy Brennan told me the song 'The Government Totally Sucks You Motherfucker [sic]' was actually attacking the U.S. government, I was pissed. I felt lied to. I never would have supported them if I knew the real meaning behind that song."

"I wish they would [have] just stayed out of politics, and focused on the music. Fuck Tenacious D. More like Tenacious... SUCK my D. Get it? Hah! Anyways, guess I'll just listen to more Rage Against the Machine, and System of a Down. Those are two bands that know how to focus on the music instead of trying to just spread anti-government propaganda."

Spotify link to the song in question:

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